Light Body Activation Pendants


According to ancient teaching and modern science our bodies are surrounded by an energy field referred to as the Light Body, or Mer-Ka-Ba which in ancient scripture, translates to Chariot of Light.  Each Merkaba Necklace features this Flower of Life imprint on the back. It is easy to find the time for meditation, even in the midst of a busy day, and it is proven to help you to be  more effective at your work and play. Tibetans teach that focusing on this “light  body” during meditation, can bringreased energy, centeredness, and inner peace.


Close your eyes and visualize your “Merkaba”, as a gold and white electromagnetic structure in 5 Dimensions surrounding your body with you in its center. Feel the pain and stress leave your body as you begin to feel profound relaxation and well-being. Take a deep breath into this feeling, and acknowledge with gratitude and humility the profound bliss and joy that can only be found in the Present Moment. Take another deep breath. Feel the Sacred nature of All Living Things. Feel your gratitude for all of your blessings, and for your time here on Earth.

Wearing or carrying your Merkaba Pendant against your body can help RAISE YOUR VIBRATION, strengthen and brighten your Merkaba and project your own ENERGETIC FREQUENCY of LIGHT to the Universe!


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It’s great to share this energy with folks around at Conventions, County Fairs, and Gift Shows!